Monday, 25 April 2011


FOE is London based Hannah Clark. She had an awesome track, 'A Handsome Stranger Called Death', last year and has just dropped an EP, 'Hot New Trash', on Mercury. Adam Crisp of Entrepeneurs fame is on production duties; the pair have collaborated on a few of Entrepeneurs' tracks and there's a fair few nuances typical of his musical approach that emerge, noticeably a lot of the percussion during the EP's more raucous points. I prefer the stuff that the duo have produced under Crisp's alias, but there's something really special about Clark's vocals that prevails despite the slightly different context; they sound really sleazy when laid over warped fairground samples and a harpsichord intro, but the cutting lyricism and nonchalant delivery means that the EP feels grimy in a way that's more considered and refined than offputting, if occasionally slightly overwhelming.

FOE - A Handsome Stranger Called Death

FOE - Genie In a Coke Can

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