Saturday, 2 April 2011

TV Girl/Dirty Gold split single

TV Girl and Dirty Gold have just released a split single; you can download the MP3s for free over at TV Girl's facebook page, as well as their awesome EP. The single features the two bands covering each other, with TVG tackling DG's 'Overboard' and DG remaking TG's 'On Land'. The cover of 'Overboard' sees TVG add their characteristic heavy hip hop beats whilst retaining the original's essentially summery flavours, while DG reduce 'On Land' to a more simplistic, shimmering effort than the bombastic original. The collaboration is definitely interesting, both bands usually have similar content in terms of the whole surfy, beachy vibe but make music with fundamentally different approaches, so it's cool to see how well the re-workings slot in with each other.

TV Girl - Overboard (Dirty Gold cover)

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