Friday, 8 April 2011

Clams Casino (mixtape review)

Clams Casino is a New Jersey based producer who's made beats for a whole host of rappers (Lil B being the most notorious example,; he's released a mixtape, 'Instrumental Mixtape', which you can get for free online, consisting of 13 instrumental tracks. His beats still work really well without the context of a rap song; they're atmospheric, melancholic, and evoke tenderness whilst still retaining a pretty gritty feel through the thumping kicks and snares. There are vocal elements too; samples come heavily smothered with effects, whether its the warped, pitched down fuzz of 'The World Needs Change', the chopped loops of 'Im Official' or the ethereal warbling of "Illest Alive'. Other highlights come by way of the bombastic 'Motivation', the droning synths/ doubletime hi-hats of 'Real Shit from a Real Nigga', and the haunting, tribal 'All I Need'.

Clams Casino - Motivation

Clams Casino - All I Need

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