Sunday, 3 April 2011


Austra are a stridently gay trio from Toronto, Canada; their debut album, 'Feel It Break', is out on Domino on the 17th May. They make melancholy tinged electronic music, but with a more uptempo, dancy vibe than anything from the 'witch house' scene (Salem, oOoOoo, White Ring etc). They have a 3 track EP, 'Beat and The Pulse' out on One Big Silence at the moment, which is pretty sweet. The (EP version) title track is a swirling 6 minutes of gloomy arpeggios and echoing vocals; 'Energy' combines syncopated rhythms and simplistic drum patterns, and 'Young and Gay' has a really clubby vibe, pulsing and undulating around Katie Stelmanis' brazen lyricism.

Austra - Beat and The Pulse

Austra - Young and Gay

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