Monday, 25 April 2011

Idiot Glee

Idiot Glee is James Friley from Kentucky. He's had a scattering of singles and EPs, which you can listen to and download on his bandcamp; he also has a full length LP, 'Paddywhack' dropping on Moshi Moshi later this year in June. Self described as 'Post Doo Wop', his music is composed of ghostly harmonies and echoing keyboard melodies; the track recently released from the LP, 'Let's Get Down Together', has an intro that sounds uncannily like the motown classic 'My Girl' before wavering synths filter in. Friley's vocals shimmer with a really ghostly quality, but are grounded by underemphasised groovy melodies and subtle percussion.

Unfortunately the track has yet to hit youtube so I've put up a slightly clunky live version, but the video can be viewed here.

Idiot Glee - Let's Get Down Together

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