Thursday, 21 April 2011

Moon Duo (Album review)

Moon Duo are Erik Johnson (from Wooden Shjips) and his partner Sanae Yamada. They've had a few singles, and an EP, 'Killing Time' on Sacred Bones, as well as another longer effort 'Escape, on Woodsist. Their debut LP, 'Mazes' is out on Sacred Bones now. I haven't really heard much of their earlier stuff, but it seems like they typically produce pretty repetitive music, with a simplistic guitar/keyboard combination at the heart of their sound. But there's something really alluring about the foggy, droning wall of noise effect that characterises a lot of Mazes, and its psychadelic nuances, whilst still retaining depth, are led by really poppy hooks. The eponymous track 'Mazes' sees piping synth entwined with the endearing warmth of the fuzz, 'Scars' models the drone around clanking percussion and undulating, wobbling rhythms and 'When You Cut' is accented by bouncy, punchy snares and maracas. 'In The Sun' features distinctly un-sunny organ sounds and 'Goners' ends the LP with seven minutes of noodly, wandering guitars. The album is pretty simplistic in that a lot of the songs are constructed from sparce instrumental ingredients and are repetitive, but throughout it Moon Duo definitely succeed in creating really engaging, trippy soundscapes, which are only improved by the heavy emphasis on melody complimenting drone.

Moon Duo - Mazes

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