Saturday, 2 April 2011


Dom are a five piece from Massachussets. They've been about for a little while, with their EP 'Sun Bronzed Greek Gods' out in April of last year; a remastered version is being released this year on Burning Mill. I'm for sure a big fan of how fun their music is; Dom's (the lead singer) keen ear for a memorable hook compliments his ridiculous falsetto pretty nicely. It's generally just the right side of cutesy though, with fuzzed out guitar riffs alongside lo-fi synth sounds and lots of reverb ensuring their music is poppy but in an endearing, garagey way rather than irritatingly babyish. 'Bocicha', an ode to his cat apparently, rattles away with off-kilter energy and 'Jesus' has an awesome, undulating bounce to its rhythms; 'Living In America', a tongue-in-cheek love song to the joys of American nationality, lashes a sparkling, synthy chorus to warped, fuzzy bass and acoustic drums.

Dom - Bocicha

Dom - Jesus

Dom - Living In America

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