Monday, 11 April 2011

Beat Connection (EP review)

Beat Connection's (previously blogged about here) EP, 'Surf Noir' was out last year as a free download; it's being released physically on the 11th April, through Tender Age (an offshoot of Moshi Moshi). It's a mostly instrumental affair, with washes of surfy guitars and beachy background noises sketched in over trippy synth layers and occasional vocals; the EP is basically a really good example of bedroom produced, lo-fi electro, with a fair few distinguishing tinges of innovation spread throughout. 'Sunburn' features some really jungle-y, rattling snares, and 'Theme From Yours Truly' sees eery synths filter in over jazzy chords and tambourines, eventully developing into really dancey, echoing melodies with synthbass wobbles underpinning. It also has a vocal sample, 'damn', which sounds really similar to the one in Blake's CMYK.

'In The Water' was the track from the EP that gathered the most popularity first time round; it's really summery, with gleeful falsetto layered over plentiful handclaps. The really clear highlight of the EP though is 'Silver Screen'; its hypnotic, dreamy synth layers and punchy snares are in themself pretty awesome, but the vocals from Tom Eddy are what really make it stand out. Sounding more than a little Sting-y, Eddy adds a bit of extra emotive depth to the track.

It's definitely a really sweet EP; although a lot of it isn't exactly revolutionary it is undeniably groovy in that sort of beachy, Neon Indian-y style, and there are a few moments (notably the tracks with vocal elements) where Surf Noir is awesome in a more unique, easily appreciable way.

Beat Connection - Silver Screen

Beat Connection - Theme From Yours Truly

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