Monday, 28 February 2011


Entrepeneurs is Adam M Crisp. His music is mental; the upcoming single, 'Fuck Tactics', is a teetering, jarring mash of flailing, convulsive guitars and warped saxophone riffs, wandering alongside shuffling beats and detached vocals. Ghostpoet also pops in for a bit of typically nonchalant rapping/groaning. The B side, 'Bubblegunk', is a more uptempo, staccato effort, with disco-ey synthbass balanced against a DIY sounding percussion track and grungy vocals, with a couple of noodly guitar solos thrown in for good measure. The other track I've heard, 'Revenge Platter', continues the glam-disco/grunginess balancing act and is probably my favourite.

Entrepeneurs - Fuck Tactics

Entrepeneurs - Bubblegunk

Entrepeneurs - Revenge Platter

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