Saturday, 5 March 2011

Summer Camp

Summer Camp (Aka Elizabeth  Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley) had a stream of singles on Moshi Moshi last summer; their sound was hazy and summery, but there was a lot of pretty wistful emotion going on behind the fuzzy production, both lyrically and with the melancholic harmonies; I've put up one of my favourites, 'Round the Moon', which has a surprisingly poignant video lifted from some crazy swedish film.

They're back this year with the brilliant 'I Want You' (the first single off their album, pencilled in for another summer release), which expands on the themes of longing and hopeless romanticism, wrapping up the slightly stalker-y lyrics in a beautifully haunting, syncopated (slightly creepy) synthy package.

Summer Camp - Round the Moon

Summer Camp - I Want You

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