Thursday, 17 March 2011

Burial, Fourtet, Thom Yorke collaboration

Pretty star-studded split single haha; Burial's collaborated with Thom Yorke and Fourtet on his latest release, out on Fourtet's label (TEXT) this week. The A Side, 'Ego', is a sleepy, hypnotic 6 and a half minutes; Yorke's drawl lazily floats over recognisably Burial-esque beats, with subdued snares and clicks. Melancholic samples drift in nearer the end of the track alongside bursts of piano.

The B side, 'Mirror', is sweet too; It's meant to be just a Yorke/Fourtet collab but definitely sounds like Burial's involved with the production, with a shuffling tribal rhythm reminiscent of 'Untrue'. Yorke's vocals are manipulated a little more on the flipside, with alternating echoing and chopped effects. Definitely a really effective collab effort on the whole, all three artists compliment each other really well.

Burial/Fourtet/Thom Yorke - Ego

Burial (?)/Thom Yorke/Fourtet - Mirror

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