Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Dø

The Dø (pronounced 'dough', apparently) are a French/Finnish band, consisting of singer Olivia Merilahti and
multi-instrumentalist Dan Levy. They had an album out in '08 called 'A Mouthful', and released the follow up 'Both Ways Open Jaws' on March 7th of this year. Merilahti's vocals are really satisfyingly crisp and sickly sweet; Levy lays them over a variety of different sounds and instruments but their music generally tends to keep a tender, folksy vibe, with occasionally more intense emotional undertones and playful lyrics. I've put up 'Too Insistent' from BWOJ as well as 'Stay (Just a Little Bit More)' from AM. 

The Do - Too Insistent

The Do - Stay (Just a Little Bit More)

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