Friday, 25 March 2011

Pete & The Pirates

Pete & The Pirates are back! Their debut, eponymous album is one of my favourites, so pretty happy a second is on its way. It's scheduled for a May release, on my favourite record label ever, Stolen Recordings ( There's been two tracks releasead, 'Winter 1', which you can get for free on their website ( and 'Come to the Bar', which was Zane Lowe's hottest record in the world January 19th. 'Come to the Bar' is a bit lame, P&TP just aren't a synthy band. But, 'Winter 1' is fantastic, featuring a properly compelling bass line and a reassuringly low budget looking video made by Oscar Oldshaw. Pete's voice is as endearingly wierd as ever, the guy constantly sounds like he's got something stuck in his throat haha. I've put up 'Winter 1', as well as an older track, 'Knife'.

Pete & The Pirates - Winter 1

Pete & The Pirates - Knife

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