Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Another track has been released from the upcoming album, 'The English Riviera', due out April 11 on Because Music. It's called 'The Bay', and is pretty odd; it harks back to the wonky electronics of Pip Paine, but feels a little disjointed. Parts of the track retain the subdued, restrained feel Mount opted for on 'She Wants' and the EP 'Not In Love', but then it soars into more epic feeling, bassy sections; as a result the track doesn't really seem sure what tone it's going for and it ends up feeling awkward. Having said that, awkward worked for him first time round so who knows. Increasingly curious about the album now, a big fan of 'She Wants' but definitely not feeling these two most recently released tracks so much.

'The Look' also now has an official video, which features Oscar Cash awkwardly wielding a guitar and pigeons driving dodgems, a pretty sad departure from the heavily conceptual stuff they used to put out haha.

Metronomy - The Bay

Metronomy - The Look

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