Friday, 6 May 2011

The Jealous Guys

The Jealous Guys are Biz y Casa and Ayinde, both natives of San Francisco, CA. According to their slightly melodramatic blogspot the duo met at school aged three, before growing up in "hostile and urban enviroments" together; their music is them "attempting to express their unique experiences".

Despite the over-played gangsta shtick PR, the duo make really credible rap music. They have an awesome mixtape, 'The Love Mixtape' which you can download for free over at their new blog. There's a really raw, unhoned feeling that perpetrates the release; the duo undeniably put an enthralling amount of energy behind their delivery. Not to belittle the production values though; some of the instrumental backings are recognizably polished in their own right, noticeable the Clams Casino produced 'Brainwash by London' and 82 Fresh's efforts on the Arcade Fire sampling 'Caged'.

Although both rappers deliver lyrics with refreshing clarity, I definitely have a preference for the husky vocals of Ayinde; his flow is really fresh too, with a generally erratic rhyme structure that always seems to fall into place just before the point where it would come across as lazy.

The Jealous Guys - Brainwash by London

The Jealous Guys - Caged

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