Monday, 9 May 2011

Blood Orange

Dev Hynes is an artist who is for sure not afraid of abandoning musical styles; just as the cutesy stylings of Lightspeed Champion were a huge departure from the the thrashy dance-punk of Test Icicles, his latest project, 'Blood Orange', again pursues a completely different approach.

Blending the tense sexiness of Prince and the glossy sheen of 90's R&B, as Blood Orange he makes music of a much more sultry nature. 'Dinner', recently released as a 7" on Terrible Records, is the first official output from the project but there's an LP in the works; hushed, crooning vocals creep over minimal snare snaps, hi-hat accents and funky, subtle bass lines.

You can hear a few more tracks over at his tumblr; they're all accompanied by suitably retro videography haha.

Blood Orange - Dinner

Blood Orange - S'Cooled

Blood Orange - I'm Sorry We Lied

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