Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dom EP

Dom's new EP, Family of Love (out now on Astralwerks), sees the group dial down the thick layer of lazy fuzz that perpetrated their debut, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods. The 5 track release's more honed production values help emphasize the inherent poppiness that went hand-in-hand with the grungey bass riffs of 'Living in America' and the like; 'Telephone' is a truly infectious, sparkling little song, complete with telephone solos and catchy vocal hooks but the EP highlight is undoubtedly the flitting guitar trills of 'Happy Birthday Party', with its sincere yells of "It's time to get Gnarly / Happy Birthday Party Party". Dom always feel to me like a band that should probably qualify as a guilty pleasure, but their particular brand of rousing grunge-pop is way too good to ignore.

Dom - Telephone

Dom - Happy Birthday Party

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